NEXIO participe à des salons autour de la Compatibilité Electromagnétique tout au long de l’année.

NEXIO GROUP will participate in EMC Europe - Sweden - Booth: 3

 lundi 1 septembre 2014 jeudi 4 septembre 2014Salons et Séminaires


NEXIO GROUP will present the 3D Near-Field Scanner "BAT-SCANNER".

Do you wish to arrange a meeting with us at the booth for a dedicated demonstration? Don't hesitate to contact us:

Booth: 3

EMC 2014 Symposium will be shedding light on new technology and helping you to stay abreast of current EMC testing and engineering.
New in 2014 will be an embedded conference for signal and power integrity.

Address:Svenska Mässan
Ex: 03
Mässans Gata 6
412 51 Gothenburg

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