Targeted analysis or global provision, it is also through major research projects that NEXIO intends to develop its know-how.

Our 2012-2020 Innovation thematic:

  • Investigatory measures (CRBM, Near Field, Uncertainty...)
  • Rapid Simulation (ACA, Kron, HPC...)
  • Design techniques

Zoom on current projects:

FORTISSIMO (Factories of the Future Resources, Technology, Infrastructure and Services for Simulation and Modelling):
Fortissimo is a collaborative project that enables European SMEs to be more competitive globally through the use of simulation services running on a High Performance Computing cloud infrastructure. The project is funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme and is part of the I4MS Initiative.

In this project, Nexio was the leader of Experiment 513 : « Cloud-based Simulation for Antenna Design and Radar Signature Prediction ». A HPC-cloud simulation offer on the Bull ExtremeFactory plaform was developped. Lun’tech was able to simulate RCS of luneburg reflectors and trihedral reflectors.

Project partners: Lun’tech, Bull, Genci

Initial date
: 10/2014 – Project duration: 18 months

EFT-SAFE3A (Electrical Fast Transient - SAFE Embedded electronics for Aeronautic and Automotive Applications):
The objective of the project is to build a common system methodology from the bare die to the PCB and the equipment so as to increase development speed, and system safety at first run.

Various project works are the following:

  • To manage the electrical characteristics seen by passives components as well as active devices, to determine their destruction mechanism and electrical relevant characteristics threshold.
  • To Understand and be able to map precisely the on-chip current path and the impact on functional blocks that can be generated by the EFT.
  • To provide guidelines and internal IC models to build more robust ICs and develop safer applications.
  • To propose new characterization techniques and injection techniques to understand failure mechanisms at board level.
  • To propose to the International standard comities (ESDA and IEC) measurement methods and behavioral modeling methodology, at both IC level and system level.

NEXIO is a partner of this project and LAAS-CNRS, the coordinator.

Project partners: LAAS-CNRS, NXP, VALEO

Initial date: 10/2014 – Project duration: 36 months


LOCRAY: The LOCRAY project is a major step towards the emergence of an ecosystem around near-field emission measurements by adding the link between investigative measures (near field) and qualification measures (standardized).
The partners are world-renowned players in the field of EMC at the component, equipment and system level and historically involved in the development of near-field measurement.

From the design phase to production, the near field with its visual approach is a technology used by non-specialists in electromagnetism to:

  • the technological choices,
  • the routing optimization,
  • the search for perturbations sources,
  • the obsolescence management,
  • the production control.

Partners: IRSEEM, IMEP, Valeo, NXP, NEXIO, Studelec, Esterline, Aquitaine Electronique

Started07/2014 - Duration: 42 months

Zoom on last projects:

SEISME: This project aims to develop new methodologies for EMC analysis when modifying a component, a card or an equipment. It should :

  • help to develop the design by “Virtual Prototyping” of on-board electronic to reduce the design and development of prototypes time,
  • reduce the number of EMC requalification tests of both the equipment and the system,
  • strengthen the “Virtual Test” for the validation of its electronic modules, defining standardized setup models,
  • propose templates of components/cards/electronic equipments and their associated extraction methods.


NEXIO is a member of the steering committee of this project which is supported by EADS IW


Started: 04/2011 - Duration: 36 months


CAPITOLE-EM: This project aims to propose a disruptive technology for electromagnetic simulation and modeling by combining 2 original and innovative methods, namely KRON and ACA, from R&D project. Results of the project will be included in CAPITOLE-EM software. The 4 targeted applications are:

  • indirect effects of lightning on civil buildings and aircrafts,
  • Radar Cross Section simulation and measurement (stealth target, electromagnetic shielding),
  • antennas radiation and their near-field coupling,
  • and the internal environment assessment of resonant cavities type aircraft cabin or mode-stirred reverberation chamber.

NEXIO is the one supporting this project.

Partners: DGA, EADS IW

Started: 11/2012 - Duration: 24 months


SMART BUS ADAPTOR (SBA): In the context of the 2012 AEROSAT program and to take into account the new all-electric architecture implemented by EADS, the aim of this project is to develop a generic module allowing to interface existing equipment by making them being operable/reusable on future digital networks. To be generic, SBA module will recognize different bus (AFDX, ARINC, CAN) and be able to work with different devices (different outlet, different connections, …). NEXIO here brings its EMC/Aircraft expertise in the design and validation phases.

NEXIO is a member of the steering committee of this project which is supported by STUDELEC.


Started: 11/2012 - Duration: 24 months


Our institutional partners :






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