IDC Announces New Winners of HPC Innovation Excellence Awards : NEXIO Simulation

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The new award winners and project leaders announced at SC'14 are as follows (contact IDC for additional details about the projects):

  • Nexio simulation is a French SME located in Toulouse and specializing in electromagnetic simulation and studies for marine, space, defense and aeronautics domains applications. Nexio simulation partnered with Bpifrance (the French public bank dedicated to SMEs), Inria, and GENCI to optimize and scale out their current simulation package called CAPITOLE-EM by using large scale HPC resources. While the maximum size of simulation was about 500,000 unknowns in 2011, Nexio was able to simulate 6 millions unknowns thanks to the use of HPC. This major improvement allowed Nexio to win two major contracts with Japanese aerospace companies and to participate in the first PRACE SHAPE call and the Fortissimo project. Project Lead: Pascal De Resseguier
  • ...

NEW ORLEANS, November 18, 2014 -- International Data Corporation (IDC) today announced the eighth round of recipients of the HPC Innovation Excellence Award at the SC'14 high performance computing (HPC) conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Two sets of winners are announced each year, at the November SC conference in the U.S. and the June ISC HPC conference in Germany.

The HPC Innovation Excellence Awards recognize noteworthy achievements by users of high performance computing technologies. The program's goals are to showcase return on investment (ROI) and scientific success stories involving HPC; to help other users better understand the benefits of adopting HPC and justify HPC investments, especially for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs); to demonstrate the value of HPC to funding bodies and politicians; and to expand public support for increased HPC investments.

"IDC research has confirmed that HPC can greatly accelerate innovation and in many cases can generate ROI. The award program aims to collect a large set of success stories across many research disciplines, industries, and application areas," said Earl Joseph, Program Vice President for HPC at IDC. "The winners achieved clear success in applying HPC to improve business ROI, scientific advancement, and/or engineering successes. Many of the achievements will also directly benefit society."

Winners of the prior seven rounds of awards included 41 organizations from the U.S., seven from the UK, four from Italy, three from the People's Republic of China, two each from India and Slovenia, and one each from Australia, Canada, Sweden, South Korea, Switzerland, Germany, France, and Spain.

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